FOREX Trading should be FUN :)

Dear FOREX Trader,

if you want to succeed with your trades, you need a methodology, a proper way of thinking when looking at your candlesticks charts.

Just as you need to learn to drive, till all your moves become part of an automated routine, there are 7 STEPS you need to master in trading, so that each and every trade you take becomes an automated routine as well.

When you reach that level, it doesn’t matter what set of tools or strategies you use, as it doesn’t matter what type of car you drive when you know how to drive.

Most traders suffer from information paralysis when looking at the currency pairs before taking a trade.

Although they have accumulated a lot of information – in some cases they also have obtained experience- they can’t decide :

  • which pair to trade
  • which time-frame to take the trade from
  • when to enter and what size of position to open
  • where to place their Stop-Loss
  • where to place their Take Profit target
  • how to manage the trade, when and how to add positions, trail Stop Loss or even Hedge
  • when to exit in case they prefer to monitor the trade instead of placing a Take Profit Target
  • Not having a methodology in place, knowing in advance what STEPS to take and how, makes trading a stressful process, instead of a fascinating mental game.

    FXholic’s BUDDY, is an Interactive Mindmap containing all the information necessary for you to be familiarized with the 7 STEPS you have to take for every trade, knowing exactly what to do and why in the process.

    Below please find my answers to the most common questions about Buddy:)

    Is FXholic's Buddy an eBook?

    No. FXholic’s Buddy is an Interactive Mindmap which carries a lot of information in different formats including text, images, videos and pdf files as well as links to webpages. You can view a DEMO Video of FXholic’s Buddy here.

    How soon can I start using FXholic's Buddy?

    If you already are familiar with my Books and Signals, and an Active Trader, you may start using FXholic’s Buddy tomorrow.

    In any other case, I suggest you use it while studying the eBOOK “HAPPY PIPS” -a comprehensive 700+ pages roadmap to Technical Analysis- that comes with it as a BONUS, with a DEMO Account for a number of at least 100 Trade Setups before you start applying it to your Live Trades. You’ll need this practice, till you get familiar with the steps and the Rules and Criteria presented in the Buddy.


    FXholic’s Buddy, is the new trader’s absolute Guide and advanced trader’s best friend!

    Happy pips!

    Sofia Stavropoulou