USDJPY : Market’s Overview

USDJPY : The Bearish SCENARIO of my last Signal on the pair on DAILY TF is about to be triggered, but this won’t happen today.

Friends who are Users of my APPS, asked me why should they trade the pair from DAILY instead of a smaller Time-Frame.

Here is why.

Pair has formed a symmetrical triangle on DAILY TF with its ZIG-ZAG moves and consolidating string, full of LETHAL Spikes to both directions. The keyword here is “LETHAL”. Don’t even dare to think of touching any smaller Time-Frame than DAILY.

On MONDAY ….I repeat….on MONDAY, before you SELL, make sure that a strong Bearish DAILY Candlestick has closed below both Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen with BOTH Lines Sloping DOWNwards, Chikou Span is moving below past price action going Straight Down, the Upper Edge of the Leading KUMO is curved/sloping DOWNwards and the Lower Edge is sharp pointing Downwards….so sharp, you can cut your finger on it.

If ONE Criterion is missing, STAY OUT and WAIT!

Happy pips!


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