USDJPY, 13/08/15 @07:02 GMT

BUY@124.51 SL@124.25 TP@125.57 (Price Levels are HYPOTHETICAL…read the criteria below)

On H1 Time-Frame we want to see 100% Bullish picture and that will happen as soon as price makes a Bullish KUMO Breakout at the level 124.85 . Till that happens, we WAIT!

When we see a Bullish KUMO Breakout on H1 Time-Frame, we switch to M30 Time-Frame and WAIT PATIENTLY AS LONG AS IT TAKES to see a Bearish Candlestick CLOSING below Tenkan Sen making a valid Downward CORRECTION.

After the Bearish Price/Tenkan Sen Cross, there are TWO SCENARIA :

1. Next candlestick is BULLISH and a very strong one and it closes above Tenkan Sen. WE BUY if Tenkan Sen goes UP too.

2. Price continues falling. WE WAIT till the Downward move is over. When we see a Strong Bullish Candlestick Closing above Tenkan Sen and Tenkan Sen goes UP, we BUY placing our SL below most recent Kijun Sen Plateau or below KUMO Body. We Trail our SL a few pips below each new Kijun Sen Plateau. We Stay in while M30 Candlesticks close above Tenkan Sen. We EXIT when a bullish candlestick closes below Tenkan Sen. We re-Enter after the correction is over and when a Bullish Candlestick closes Above Tenkan Sen with TS going UP.

Happy pips!


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