Two types of Chart Signals

Hello my friends!

Trying to constantly improve the quality of my Signals, I created two versions of Chart Signals you can view inside the APP depending on whether I’m out giving them from my SmartPhone or if I’m at my office giving them from the WEB.

So if you are an FXHOLIC, a FOREXID ACADEMY Member, a FEED or a WhatsApp Signals Subscriber, inside the SIGNALS PAGE, if you tap on “CHART Signals FEED” you’ll be redirected to a page with TWO Types of Chart Signals : “From my SmartPhone” or “From the WEB”. Sometimes I may be away from my computer and may not be able to send you PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Just check the CHART Signals periodically in case I’ve posted a FRESH one from my SmartPhone.

I’m also experimenting with AUDIO SIGNALS which have been very well accepted by my Subscribers. I give them via WhatsApp and can’t be inserted to the APP for now.

Kind Regards

Sofia Stavropoulou

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