“Turning Point” Strategy from Daily Time-Frame

This Strategy can give us lots of pips without requiring our constant attention and monitoring because once we’re in, there is no need to check our Trade more often than once per day.

The Strategy is based on the basic Market’s Principle of OFFER-DEMAND Equilibrium which breaks down to two simple axioms:

1. The Big ‘Players” move price mainly changing its direction from DAILY TF.
2. The Big “Players” have always Liquidity issues after a big move, usually 300+ pips long.

Knowing how the Big Players think, we can decode their intentions and understand where they want to push price next, why there are delays in price action and which moves are fake.

Here are the Entry Conditions from DAILY Time-Frame signaling a “Turning Point”:

1. Last Move was bigger than 300pips.
2. Price is moving close to the Upper or Lower Bollinger Band on Daily Time-Frame.
3. Vector to the direction of the last move is completed on Weekly and Monthly Time-Frame. (For example, if the last move was Upward, then we want to see Upward Vectors on Weekly and Monthly completed. The exactly opposite if the last move was Downward.)
4. Reversal Candlestick Pattern or a Big Spike.
5. Fractal (optional).
6. Stochastics Crossover inside Overbought or Oversold Zone.
7. Kijun Sen is flat forming a Plateau.
8. Fibonacci Confirmation. If we place Fibonacci Retracement Tool from the top to the bottom of the last move, 50.0 Ratio falls exactly on Kijun Sen Plateau which means the previous move has been completed.
9. The Edges of the Upper and Lower Bollinger Bands are in such a Correlation Pattern that shows that the previous move has stopped.

REWARD ASSESSMENT : we add a vertical line at the point where Stochastics Crossover happened and we place a Take Profit Order at the level where this vertical Line Crosses the Median Bollinger Band. Alternatively, we Stay In while Stochastics go Down/Up and EXIT with opposite Stochastics Crossover, or when the New Direction Vector is completed on Weekly TF.

Stop-Loss Placement : above/below the Spike or the Upper/Lower Bollinger Band, whichever is further.

Entry Confirmation : Strong and Valid KUMO Breakout on M30 Time-Frame with three Lines -Tenkan Sen, Kijun Sen, Chikou Span- on the same side of the KUMO and leading KUMO having both Edges sloping to the Direction of the new move.

Happy pips!

Sofia Stavropoulou