GLAYX Winning Trades!

Dear FOREX Enthusiast,

I invite you to Subscribe to GLAYX Winning Trades!

Why Subscribing?

Being a FOREX Trader, you want RESULTS. You play this mental betting game for the PROFITS.

You can base your Trading Decisions to the Fundamentals – the News- or to Technical Analysis which is applied Mathematics on the Markets. If you choose Technical Analysis, you either study it for years, or seek Trade Setups based on reliable Studies.

This is the nature of GLAYX Winning Trades. They’re based on my Studies of Technical Analysis and are given to you in the form of plain text, Chart and text or Video, with Entry, Stop-Loss and Take Profit Placement Levels. Entry Time-Frame may be H4, H1 or M30.

Doubling Capital?

If your Account’s leverage is 100:1 and you open positions with a volume to equity ratio of 0.1 Lots per 1000eur, then, you need earnings of 1000pips in order to DOUBLE YOUR CAPITAL.

Till a year ago, Trades giving 180pips in profits were considered great. Now, 280, 450 and even 800pips moves on Currency Pairs are the New Normal.

Following the golden rule of taking ONLY ONE TRADE AT A TIME, assuming that the average profitability of a trade is 300pips and supposing that it may take two weeks to be triggered and another two weeks to hit Take Profit Target, you may DOUBLE your Capital within 3-4 months.

How are trade setups delivered?

They’re delivered Via EMAIL. Please note that a Trade Setup may take days to be triggered and then days or even weeks for the Take Profit Target to be hit.

What about Performance?

My Trade Setups Studies have 100% Success Rate when Entry Criteria are met. ( )

Text can be forged. Image can be edited. But a VIDEO showing a Pair’s Chart, at a specific Time, with my Voice explaining the Why’s and the How’s of Technical Analysis, can’t be forged or edited.

Although my studies are proven to be powerful, there is a Currencies’ War taking place in the Markets right now and that means, shifting the SL or even Hedging a position and waiting, may be necessary. This is where my timely support gives you peace of mind.

How do they work?

Trader, receives the Trade Setups by Email. Trade Setup includes, Pair’s name, Entry Time-Frame, Entry-Stop Loss-Take Profit Target Levels and recommended Position Size. Takes note of the expected profits in pips per trade, in case it is triggered. Once price approaches Entry Level, receives an Email with ENTRY Confirmation. If for any reason, SL needs to be placed to another level, a relevant Email will be giving this information.

The VIDEO – or Chart Graph- of the Trade Setup, its details, the Entry Notifications with time-stamp as well as any possible follow up messages and Trade Updates, are also posted on a password protected page per month.

What are the benefits?

  • You pick the Trade you want to execute, managing your Account
  • You don’t have to know Technical Analysis
  • You receive the Entry Confirmation from a real person
  • You trade with confidence and peace of mind, focusing on the profits
  • If your Account has 100:1 leverage, you need to earn 1000 pips, with position size to equity ratio of 0.1 Lots per 1000eur, in order to Double your Capital. This can happen in 3-4 months. If your Account has different leverage, we can discuss how you can gradually adjust your position’s size, during a phone call before you start executing trades.
  • Who are GLAYX Winning Trades for?

  • For a total beginner who has little or no knowledge of FOREX
  • For the 1000eur Account Trader
  • How Much Does Subscription Cost?



    Happy pips!

    Sofia Stavropoulou