USDJPY, 28/07/15 @16:30 GMT

SELL@123.28 SL@123.87 TP@121.64 ……OR…..

BUY@123.87 SL@123.27 TP@124.89

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame and once you ENTER be patient with your trade and check it every 4 Hours when a H4 Candlestick closes.

Happy pips!


USDJPY, 24/07/15 @08:34 GMT

BUY@124.20 SL@123.70 TP@125.43

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame. WAIT to see price first CLOSING above Kijun Sen and CHIKOU Span crossing above past price action going UP. You also want to see Median BBand going UP, and Tenkan Sen going UP. Short term TP is Upper BBand on Daily and then Upper BBand on Weekly.

Trail your SL 20-25pips below Kijun Sen flat levels on H1 TF.

Happy pips!


USDJPY, 02/07/15 @15:35 GMT

SELL@123.11 SL@123.71 TP@121.66

If you can take the risk entering from H4 Time-Frame, set your SL and TP and leave the trade alone.

If you can’t take the risk from H4 TF, go down to M30 Time-Frame, WAIT for the upward corrective move to finish and SELL from there placing your SL a few pips above Median BBand and Flat Kijun Sen and trailing it a few pips above each new FLAT Kijun Sen Level. If your Daily Pips Target is 20, since this is a 140+ pips move, you can place your TP 40-50pips from your Entry and when it gets hit, bank your pips and go.

Happy pips!


USDJPY, 29/06/15 @10:19 GMT

SELL@122.60 SL@123.13 TP@121.03 ……OR……..

BUY@123.53 SL@123.04 TP@124.27

Monitor the pair from H1 Time-Frame . Bullish Scenario is not very possible although you may see extreme upward moves because price will try to exhaust its Bullish Momentum before continuing its fall. o I want you to be VERY CAREFUL , almost SUSPICIOUS if you see price going UP. And if your BUY Criteria are met on H1, if you decide to take the trade, SWITCH IMMEDIATELY to M15 and TRAIL your SL using the following STAY IN Criterion: STAY IN while M15 Candlesticks close above Tenkan Sen (ICHIMOKU Red Line) and when a Bearish Candlestick closes below Tenkan Sen JUMP OUT!!!!!

Happy pips!


USDJPY, 25/06/15 @15:31 GMT

SELL@123.15 SL@124.02 TP@122.47 (down to 120.85) …..or……

BUY@124.26 SL@123.46 TP @125.15

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame and because this is a RANGEBOUND MOVE on DAILY TF, we don’t TRAIL our SL.

Happy pips!


USDJPY, 16/06/15 @09:22 GMT

SELL@123.20 SL@123.76 TP@122.44 …..OR……..

BUY@123.78 SL@123.20 TP@124.15 (up to 124.67)

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame and make sure ALL YOUR ENTRY CRITERIA are met.

Before SELLING make sure a Big Bearish candlestick closes below Lower Bollinger Band -or a breakout candlestick crosses below that level- with Median BBand , Tenkan Sen, Stochastics and Chikou Span going DOWN.

Before BUYING make sure a Big Bullish candlestick closes above Upper Bollinger Band -or a breakout candlestick crosses above that level- with Median BBand , Tenkan Sen, Stochastics and Chikou Span going UP.

Once you are in the trade, keep your eyes nailed to Stochastics switching to H1 Time-Frame. In case of Downward Move, EXIT if Stochastics make a Bullish Crossover below 20-Level Line.

In case of Upward Move, EXIT if Stochastics make a Bearish Crossover above 80-level Line.

In that case, ignore TP if they are promising you more pips. Grab your pips and get out. The best trader is not the one who makes the most pips but the one who KEEPS THE MOST PIPS FASTER.

Happy pips!