USDJPY, Τετάρτη 23/05/18 @21:38

SELL@109.80 SL@111.41 TP1@108.48 TP2@107.65

Time-Frame Εισόδου : H1

ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ : Το επίπεδο εισόδου είναι υποθετικό. Μην δώσετε PENDING ORDER. Η τιμή μπορεί να πυροδοτήσει την PENDING ORDER μ’ ενα spike (ακίδα) και κατόπιν να κινηθεί προς την αντίθετη κατεύθυνση χτυπώντας το SL!!! ΠΕΡΙΜΕΝΕΤΕ ΝΑ ΔΕΙΤΕ ΟΛΑ ΤΑ ΚΡΙΤΗΡΙΑ ΝΑ ΠΛΗΡΟΥΝΤΑΙ!!!!

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Καλά Pips!


USDJPY, 19/11/15 @09:27 GMT

SELL@122.67 SL@123.76 TP@120.26 FOLLOW THE CRITERIA!

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame. Price actually wants to go up to the Upper Bollinger Band on Weekly Time-Frame, completing the Range, but it looks like it will make a downward correction on Daily before it goes there.

Before you SELL, make sure that :

1. A Bearish H4 Candlestick closes below the Lower BBAND
2. Median BBAND is curved DOWNwards
3. Upper/Lower BBANDS Edges are turned outwards forming a FUNNEL
4. Tenkan Sen has crossed below Kijun Sen and BOTH Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen are sloping DOWNwards
5. Chikou Span has crossed below past price action going straight DOWN.
6. Stochastics go DOWN.
7. A STRONG Bearish KUMO Breakout on M5 TF -validated by Chikou Span- is a fact.

STAY IN while H4 Candlesticks close below Tenkan Sen. EXIT when a bullish H4 Candlestick closes above Tenkan Sen. Trail your SL 20pips above Kijun Sen plateaus. If you’re stopped out, RE-ENTER when a Bearish H4 Candlestick closes below BOTH TS and KS with TS sloping DOWN.

Happy pips!