GOLD, 29/10/15 @12:05 GMT

SELL@1155.46 SL@1162.83 TP@1133.92 FOLLOW THE CRITERIA!
Monitor from M30 Time-Frame.

Enter SHORT (SELL) after :

1. A Bearish Candlestick closes below the Lower BBAND
2. Median BBAND is curved DOWNwards forming a KNEE
3. Upper/Lower BBANDS Edges are turned outwards forming a FUNNEL
4. Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen are sloping DOWNwards
5. Chikou Span has crossed below past price action going straight DOWN
6. Leading KUMO is sloping Downwards
7. Stochastics are going DOWN.

Happy pips!


GOLD (XAUUSD), 12/10/15 @11:15 GMT

BUY@1168.45 SL@1161.53 TP@1200.31 <---- Price Levels are INDICATIVE !!!!


Monitor from M30 Time-Frame.

BUY after BOTH Tenkan Sen and KIJUN SEN Slope UPwards.

Trail your SL below each new Kijun Sen Plateau.

STAY IN while M30 Candlesticks close above Tenkan Sen. EXIT when a bearish M30 Candlestick closes below Tenkan Sen.

This is going to be a big move so expect to be stopped out possibly multiple times till price touches the Lower Border of the KUMO on WEEKLY TF at 1201.45 price level.

After you’re stopped out, RE-ENTER when a Bullish M30 Candlestick closes above BOTH TS and KS with BOTH lines sloping UPwards.

Happy pips!