XAUUSD, Monday 21/03/16 @13:47 GMT

BUY@1256.80 SL@1240.18 TP@1298.81 up to 1382.59 (Entry Price Level is INDICATIVE!!! FOLLOW THE CRITERIA)

SELL@1237.37 SL@1255.52 TP@1211.20 down to 1194.09 (Entry Price Level is INDICATIVE!!! FOLLOW THE CRITERIA)

Monitor the pair from M30 or H1 Time-Frame.

View VIDEO for details! Before you Enter, make sure ALL Entry Criteria are met!!! If ONE is missing, STAY OUT!!!!!!

Happy Pips!


XAUUSD (GOLD), Tuesday, 09/02/16, @12:45 GMT | VIDEO Signal

XAUUSD (GOLD) : New VIDEO Signal just posted. SYNC the APP to view it.

ForexID Academy Members, FEEDS (Signals Only) and WhatsApp Signals Subscribers, LOGIN and view the Signal on TOP of the FEEDS. TAP THE “PLAY” BUTTON or TAP on the WHITE-Letters TITLE of the Signal in order to be redirected to FXholic.com and view the VIDEO.

On the Description of the VIDEO, I’m giving detailed Entry, SL and TP placement instructions.

WhatsApp Signals Subscribers, you’ll have it also via WhatsApp in a minute 🙂

Happy pips!


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