Signals’ Success in May 2019

Take Profit Target was hit for:

USDJPY / / 143pips
EURJPY / / 128pips
EURCAD / / 270pips
EURCHF / / 132pips
EURUSD / / 88pips
GBPJPY / / 85pips
AUDUSD / / 134pips
EURUSD / / 170pips

Total earnings : 1150pips


Nice Profits without TP having been hit

EURJPY / / 110pips (SELL)
GBPJPY / / 91pips (BUY)
GBPUSD / / 98pips (SELL)

[IMPORTANT NOTICE : Most trades take weeks to mature and meet the criteria and then weeks to hit TP.]

EURUSD, 20/01/16, 10:30 GMT, H1 Time-Frame | CHART Signal

EURUSD : CHART Signal posted.

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Happy pips!


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