AUDUSD, 16/10/15 @08:05 GMT

SELL@0.7262 SL@0.7326 TP@0.7149 <---- Price levels are INDICATIVE!


Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame.

Before you enter Short (SELL), make sure that :

1. A Bearish H4 Candlestick closes below Median BBAND, Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen.
2. Median BBAND, Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen are Sloping DOWNwards.
3. Chikou Span goes straight DOWN.
4. Stochastics go DOWN
5. The edge of the leading KUMO shows Bullish Momentum DECREASING. (Senkou Span A/B Convergence)

STAY IN while H4 Candlesticks close below Tenkan Sen.

EXIT when a Bullish H4 Candlestick closes above Tenkan Sen.

TRAIL your SL a 15-20 pips above each new Kijun Sen Plateau (FLAT Level).

Happy pips!


AUDUSD, 10/07/15 @12:07 GMT

BUY@0.7480 SL@0.7442 TP@0.7548 (up to 0.7577)

Monitor the pair from M15 TF and WAIT for the downward move to finish and ALL your BUY Criteria to be met before you enter.

If not ALL of your Criteria are met, STAY OUT!

Happy pips!