AUDUSD, 20/08/15 @09:11 GMT

SELL@0.7312 SL@0.7351 TP@0.7170 …..OR…..

BUY@0.7375 SL@0.7334 TP@0.7500

On M30 Time-Frame WAIT AS LONG AS IT TAKES for a valid UPward correction. After you see a Bullish Candlestick CLOSING above Tenkan Sen (ICHIMOKU Red Line), WAIT for the UPward move to finish and when you see a Bearish Candlestick CLOSING below Tenkan Sen with Tenkan Sen going DOWN, you enter Short (SELL) placing your SL a few pips above last Kijun Sen Plateau on M30 or above KUMO. Stay in while M30 Candlesticks close below Tenkan Sen. EXIT when a Bullish Candlestick closes above Tenkan Sen. Ideally you want to gradually switch to Higher TF and monitor the trade from there. As price goes lower, trail your SL above Kijun Sen plateaus on M30 and trail it above Kijun Sen Plateau on H1 once you have locked profits. If price continues falling, slowly switch to H4 and stay in while Kijun Sen goes down. EXIT when Kijun Sen starts sloping UPwards on H4 TF.

If price keeps going UP aggressively on M30 instead of reversing and closing below Tenkan Sen, go back to higher Time-Frames and use the 4 TF Strategy looking to BUY starting from the highest TF where price made a Fresh Bullish Cross above Tenkan Sen. Strategy protects you from false entries.

Happy pips!


GBPUSD, 19/08/15 @07:01 GMT

BUY@1.5695 SL@1.5639 TP@1.5977 ………OR……..

SELL@1.5636 SL@1.5678 TP@1.5419

Monitor the pair from H1 Time-Frame. Before you BUY you must see :

1. a bullish candlestick closing above Upper Bollinger Band
2. Tenkan Sen going UP
3. Median Bollinger Band going UP
4. Chikou Span having crossed above past price action going UP
5. Kijun Sen going UP (it’s flat now)
6. Stochastics going UP
7. Edges of Upper/Lower BBands turned outwards forming a FUNNEL

Before you SELL you must see :

1. a bearish candlestick closing below Kijun Sen
2. Tenkan Sen having Crossed below Kijun Sen
3. Chikou Span having crossed below past price action going Down
4. Median Bollinger Band going Down
5. Stochastics going Down
6. Edges of Upper/Lower BBands turned outwards forming a FUNNEL

Bullish SCENARIO looks stronger right now. Monitor the trade from H1 Time-Frame and check it every 1 Hour when a candlestick closes (open candlesticks are invalid)
STAY IN while H1 Candlesticks close above Tenkan Sen. EXIT if one bearish candlestick closes below Tenkan Sen. Trail your SL below Kijun Sen Plateaus.

Apply the same Criteria reversed in case price goes Down and you enter Short (SELL).

Happy pips!


EURUSD, 19/08/15 @06:26 GMT

SELL@1.1040 SL@1.1115 TP@1.0868 ………OR…….

BUY@1.1145 SL@1.1067 TP@1.1403

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame. Right now the price is making an UPWARD Statistical Validation Move to the Median Bollinger Band. If you want to trade this move, do it from M15 Time-Frame BUYING with a strong Bullish Price/Tenkan Sen Cross and TS going Up, staying in while M15 Candlesticks close above Tenkan Sen and EXIT when a bearish M15 candlestick closes below TS. But I suggest you WAIT for the Upward Move to finish and position yourself SHORT (SELL) only on the condition a H4 Candlestick closes below Tenkan Sen with Tenkan Sen going Down.

If on the other hand, price on H4 Time-Frame closes above Kijun Sen and goes even higher with Tenkan Sen crossing above Kijun Sen too and Chikou Span crossing above past price action, BUY if you see Kijun Sen also going UP.

Happy pips!