EURUSD, 28/07/15 @14:28 GMT

BUY@1.1076 SL@1.0982 TP@1.1170

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame and WAIT for a candlestick to CLOSE above Tenkan Sen before you BUY. If that doesn’t happen…..STAY OUT!

Once you enter, switch to M30 Time-Frame, trail your SL a few pips below Kijun Sen from there and STAY IN while candlesticks close above Tenkan Sen. EXIT if a bearish candlestick closes below Tenkan Sen. ENTER again if you wish, on the condition a candlestick has closed ABOVE Tenkan Sen, Tenkan Sen and Median Bollinger Band go UP.

Happy pips!


GBPUSD, 17/06/15 @06:39 GMT

SELL@1.5610 SL@1.5656 TP@1.5544 …….OR…….

BUY@1.5660 SL@1.5610 TP@1.5800

Monitor the pair from H1 Time-Frame and make sure ALL your ENTRY Criteria are met before you ENTER.

SELL if :

1. A Bearish candlestick CLOSES below Lower Bollinger Band -or a Breakout Candlestick crosses below that level – .

2. Median BBand goes DOWN.

3. Tenkan Sen goes DOWN.

4. Stochastics go DOWN.

5. Chikou Span has crossed below past price action going DOWN.

6. Upper/Lower BBands’ Edges are turned OUTWARDS forming a FUNNEL.

BUY if you see the EXACT OPPOSITE SET of CRITERIA met.

Happy pips!