This is the Complete FOREX Trading Guide you were looking for !

Hello my friends!

I’m thrilled to announce that my new Book “HAPPY PIPS! How to make Millions a handful of pips per day one FOREX Trade setup at a time” has just been published in Printable PDF Format and Hard Cover, Kindle and iBook versions will soon follow.

Will also be translated in more Languages within 2016.

Book started as a Trade Setup Case Study and ended up becoming a FOREX Trading Encyclopedia of 730 Pages.

Clicking on Book’s LINK below, you’ll be able to access a 65+ Pages PREVIEW including the Table of Contents and First Few Chapters.

I tried to keep a balance between being Technical and Theoretical because both are essential to a Trader and I know that most Books fail to give you the “Trader’s Attitude” element which consists of the right psychology, the right philosophy and the right mindset and is far more important than the technicals.

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Now you have no excuses!

FOREX SUCCESS is your only option!

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P.S.: Book can be Downloaded inside the APP -you’ll receive it to your mailbox- taping on “CONTACT US” Page and then on “FOREX Books”. It can also be Downloaded if you tap on “Learn FOREX” Tab and then “Happy Pips! (FOREX Guide)”. All LINKS lead to Book’s Presentation on PAYHIP where you can view the 65+ Pages PREVIEW and purchase the Book.