AUDUSD, 29/06/15 @19:06 GMT

BUY@0.7724 SL@0.7668 TP@0.7807 …..OR…….

SELL@0.7639 SL@0.7701 TP@0.7558

Monitor the pair from H4 TF. Make sure ALL your Entry Criteria are met before Entering. Once you Enter, switch to M15 TF and monitor the trade from there Trailing your SL a few pips away from Kijun Sen (ICHIMOKU Blue Line), and staying in while the candlesticks close above Tenkan Sen on UPTREND, or below Tenkan Sen on DOWNTREND.

Happy pips!


AUDUSD, 25/06/15 @16:29 GMT

BUY@0.7770 SL@0.7719 TP@0.7823 (up to 0.7953) ……or………

SELL@0.7684 SL@0.7732 TP@0.7618 (down to 0.7578)

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame. Whichever direction the price goes, Market is RANGEBOUND so you don’t have to trail your SL.

Happy pips!


AUDUSD, 15/06/15 @11:02 GMT

BUY@0.7749 SL@0.7706 TP@0.7798 …..OR……

SELL@0.7704 SL@0.7748 TP@0.7602

Monitor the pair from H1 Time-Frame. Bollinger Bands have formed a BOTTLENECK. We expect to see a breakout and a FUNNEL.

BUY if you see a Bullish Candlestick closing above Upper Bollinger Band or a Breakout Candlestick crossing above that level, Upper/Lower BBands edges turned Outwards forming a FUNNEL, Median BBand going UP, Tenkan Sen going UP, STochastics going UP and Chikou Span having crossed above past price action going UP.

SELL if you see a bearish candlestick closing below Lower BBand or a bearish breakout candlestick crossing that level, with all indicators going DOWN.

Happy pips!