ATHENA : Session #10

SESSION 10 : 3rd Practice with Trade Setups



Now that we speak the same language, let’s talk about FXholic PLATINUM 🙂

What is FXholic PLATINUM?

FXholic PLATINUM is a FOREX CONSULTING Program, where I’m guiding you to Trade via Special Trade Setups I give you in the form of VIDEO Tutorials inside FXholic’s FOREX Signals MOB APP, aiming at earning 800+ pips per month.

What are the BENEFITS

  • You trade your own Account.
  • You earn great returns.
  • You keep all your profits.
  • You gain confidence while honing your trading skills.
  • You pay flat monthly fees for as long as you need the program.
  • How much does it cost

    You pay 497eur monthly Consulting Fees.

    What returns should be expected?

    On the condition you have dilligently studied ATHENA Videos and are following my instructions, you need 1000pips to double your Account’s Equity if you trade with 100:1 leverage.

    Therefore, with PLATINUM Trade Setups, you should easily achieve a monthly return in the range between 15% and 80% depending on your degree of dilligence and discipline. So it is advisable to start with capital of at least 10000eur.

    If you’re serious about learning how to trade, this is the most intensive and hands on training you can get, in real Market’s environment.