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What is MENTOR?

It is a Monthly Subscription Program offering:

  • GUIDED FOREX Trading via Sequential Trade Setups, with TIMELY Entry Notification, going for 500+ Forex pips per month, which means YOU Trade Your Account under Guidance
  • PREMIUM, Personal, Non Automated, Support and Consulting, via 30 minute Online Sessions

Why is this the Short Road to consistent FOREX profits?

You can study and learn FOREX on your own but it may take you MONTHS or YEARS. With my guidance, you take trades that are easily manageable, yielding nice profits, knowing exactly when to Enter, when to Exit and when to Re-Enter.

What about Performance?

My VIDEO Signals, based on Technical Analysis Studies, have 100% Success Rate when Entry Criteria are met. ( FXholic.com/p )

Text can be forged. Image can be edited. But a VIDEO showing a Pair’s Chart, at a specific Time, with my Voice explaining the Why’s and the How’s of Technical Analysis, can’t be forged or edited.

The reason I created MENTOR is that, many of the traders following my VIDEO Signals, either had not a basic Understanding of the Terms I am using, being unable to identify the Entry Criteria, or had no time to monitor the price action. In many cases, they encountered both issues.

With MENTOR, I produce the VIDEO Technical Analysis Study for my archive and give simple, easy to follow instructions and timely notifications to Subscribers.

What are the benefits?

  • You’ll be receiving Trade Setups in plain TEXT Format with detailed execution and follow up instructions, trading your own funds
  • You’ll benefit from 500+ Forex pips per month Setups’ Performance
  • You can receive Quality Personalized Support on Demand, paying a Premium

What is the cost?

  • Monthly Subscription Fees are at 1000EUR -ONE THOUSAND EURO- (plus VAT)
  • Support/Consulting Sessions are optional, can be conducted online, should not exceed 30 minutes and each one costs 1000EUR (plus VAT)

    MENTOR is a Premium –by Invitation ONLY– GUIDED FOREX Trading Program, where I’m offering to the Investor-Trader, TIMELY NOTIFICATIONS for high profitability Trade Setups.

    In order to be accepted to MENTOR, you must have a FOREX Trading Account – ideally a corporate one- with an ECN (Electronic Communication Network) or STP (Straight Through Processing) Broker, who has an excellent reputation, is regulated, offers 100:1 Leverage, Metatrader 4 Platform -so you can monitor your trades via MT4 Mob App- and allows hedging (opening opposite positions on the same pair). Next, I must verify that you fit the following criteria:

    The verification process, will be part of the INVITATION Form.

    Follow me on INSTAGRAM @fxholic and send me a Direct Message, Requesting an Invitation