What is ATHENA?

ATHENA Simulated Private FOREX Coaching, is an Educational Program, designed with two main purposes :

  • To offer a robust, reliable and easy to implement Trading Methodology to the new Trader, based on Technical Analysis
  • To make studying and understanding it a fast and easy process.

Why is this the Short Road to learn FOREX?

You can study and learn FOREX on your own but it may take you MONTHS or YEARS.

On the other hand, ATHENA gives you the intensive private coaching on a silver plate to study at your own pace …within A FEW DAYS.

What is included?

  • 10 VIDEO-Recordings of Private Coaching Sessions on my Methodology, each lasting one and a half up to two hours. You get an introduction to Technical Analysis Basics, to ICHIMOKU, Bollinger Bands, Fractals and Stochastics, to the Three Market’s Conditions, and the Rules about trading them knowing which Time Frame to pick, which prerequisites to look for and which Criteria should be met in order to Enter, where to place your Stop Loss and your Take Profit Target.

What will you LEARN?

After having studied ATHENA VIDEOS, you:

  • Will have no confusion in front of Currency Pairs’ Graphs -Charts- on Metatrader 4
  • Will know how to pick a Pair to trade and how many pairs to trade.
  • Will know about Position Sizing, how many Lots to trade and when to add positions.
  • Will know which Time Frame to enter from and what prerequisites and Criteria to look for.
  • Will know which Trading System to use.
  • Will know how to pick your Entry Level and where to place your Stop-Loss.
  • Will know how much time to dedicate monitoring a trade.
  • Will know where to place your Take-Profit Target, how and when to Exit.

How much does it cost?

ATHENA costs 999.99eur and you can pay clicking on the Button below.