Mitos of FOREX

Dear FOREX Enthusiast,

Want to learn how to trade but are frustrated by the complexity of Technical Analysis, swimming in an ocean of information you know is impossible to process?

It’s true that to properly learn Technical Analysis on your own, you’ll need years, burning a lot of money in the meantime. You may be tired of buying strategies and robots sinking deeper into losses, wondering what is wrong with you.

You see, strategies are great, but do not apply on every Market’s Condition. You need to know exactly what steps to take when in front of your charts, what to look for, when to trade and when not to and how to enter a trade with absolute confidence.

My new BOOK is a Complete Educational Program based on my Methodology, written in plain language, with many images and funny metaphors, a pleasant read that can be thoroughly studied in three months, making you love FOREX.

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Sofia Stavropoulou