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Is FOREX a Scam?

FOREX Trading is a form of gambling. Actually, it’s all about placing BETS on the direction price will go next. If you don’t get proper Education based on Technical Analysis and applied Mathematics, big players such as Banks and Insitutional Investors -which I call Sharks- will pay an army of Journalists, Market’s Analysts and Fundamentals Evangelists, as well as plenty of corrupted Governments, to convince you to BUY so they can execute their massive SELL orders, bringing price Down and vice versa.

If you get yourself trapped into such a nightmare -which happens all the time- you may very well believe that FOREX is a Scam. The truth is, FOREX is a Mind Game and your goal should be to become immune to Sharks’ misleading moves, reading their true intentions.

Technical Analysis helps you do that and this is why it should be at the root of your Trading.

How long does it take to learn FOREX?

Depending on your persistence, commitment, self discipline and positive attitude, it may take one or more years to grasp the Basics, “burning” quite a bit of capital on the way and don’t fool yourself into believing that you can practice FOREX with a DEMO Account.

Just as you can’t learn how to swim in a bath tab, you can’t learn how to Trade, with a DEMO Account. It takes real money and real Market’s Conditions to understand how this game is being played.

Also, keep in mind, that just like nobody else can go to the gym and work out for you, they can’t study for you either. As much as I’d like to plant the right way of thinking and the most valuable information to your mind, it’s impossible. YOU have to dedicate time and effort.

Luckily, with my FXHOLIC Program, I’ve cut the learning curve to about 6 months for you to get familiarized with the Basics and another 6 months to go Microtrading starting with $100, so you can properly gain confidence and establish the right mindset that will effectively lead you to the Journey from $1000 to $1Million.

What about choosing an FX Broker?

Opening a LIVE Account with an FX Broker can literally break you or make you. Unfortunately, the Majority of FOREX Brokers, are Market Makers, which means, they trade against their clients.

As soon as you’re ready to start Microtrading, I’ll help you choose the right FX Broker.

What about Trading Cryptocurrencies or Commodities?

Technical Analysis Rules and Criteria apply accross ALL Markets because they reflect price action, -price being a fluctuating value- and on a philosophical level, they also apply to LIFE.

What does FXholic GOLDEN include?

Here is what you get when you join:

  • A PDF Copy of my 700+ pages long eBook “HAPPY PIPS”, a Complete Guide to FOREX Trading
  • Login Credentials to access ALL training material and ALL my SIGNALS inside the MOB APP.
  • Participation to Live Workshops whenever scheduled
  • Full Access to my Trading Library, Trading Sheets and Strategies
  • Full Access to ForexID Academy 120+ VIDEO Tutorials
  • Access to 50 EXERCISES with their VIDEO Replies
  • The LINK to the PLAYLIST of the 200+ VIDEO Recordings of the Workshops.