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Hello my friends!

FXholic GOLDEN, my intensive interactive Training Program, will close its doors to new members as soon as it hits the limit I have set so the quality of the Training offered is NOT compromised.

Because many of you may not want to join FXholic GOLDEN but are interested in its Training Material, I upgraded ForexID Academy, so it now gives you access to ALL SIGNALS, all 120 VIDEO Tutorials of ForexID Academy, FXholic GOLDEN Workshops VIDEO Recordings -more than 70 are uploaded already which means more than 140hours of LIVE Training- and FXholic’s BUDDY, the Killer Trader’s 7 Steps Checklist with detailed instructions and tips on each step. ForexID Academy’s Membership FEES are now at 99.99eur/month and I’m sure you’ll find this pricing fair.

You can join online at :

WEB and APP Versions are bridged so you can have all the training material at your fingertips all the time.

FXholic GOLDEN also includes EXERCISES and Trade Setups on Web Dashboards so that members participate and also chat as well as a Special WhatsApp GROUP only for its members. More EXTRAS coming as soon as it turns into a PRIVATE CLUB.

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