Join FXholic GOLDEN at HALF its Price!

Dear FOREX enthusiast,

I guess you feel a bit overwhelmed from the Markets,
especially if you are a Beginner.

But in reality, all it takes to become a successful Trader,
is an understanding of Technical Analysis basics and the
discipline to apply this knowledge respecting the Rules
and using Entry and Exit Criteria.

FXholic GOLDEN, is my Training Program that helps
you get a true understanding of the Markets.

It includes the 120 Video Tutorials of ForexID Academy,
the VIDEO Recordings of the 150 FXholic GOLDEN Live Workshops,
each lasting 2 hours -a total of more than 300 hours of Live
Interactive Training-, 50 EXERCISES with their VIDEO-Replies,
full access to ALL my Signals Standard and PREMIUM inside the
APP, FXholic’s BUDDY which is a Successful Trader’s 7 Steps Checklist
with a wealth of information regarding Strategies and
Trade Management tips and more.

Normally, Program’s Membership Fees are at 197eur/month.

But if you join NOW, you can use a LIMITED TIME SPECIAL
DISCOUNT and get it at HALF ITS PRICE, paying only 100eur/month.

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Hurry up and make sure you don’t miss this !

Kind Regards,

Sofia Stavropoulou

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