Important VIDEOS on “Politics & Currencies” just re-posted.

Hello my friends!

New VIDEOS -very important ones- have been posted on “Politics & Currencies”.

Tap on “PN’s & More” then “Politics & Currencies”.

Stay away from FIAT Money such as USD and EUR. Go for Commodities Currencies such as AUD or CAD. JPY is a good choice too. NZD as well. CHF will have the fate its “owners” deserve. Mr Soros’s advice will turn into a boomerang called “Nemesis”.

Ancient Greeks were saying “no matter if you hide in the depths of the ocean or at the top of a mountain or in a cave down in the core of the earth, Nemesis -divine justice and punishment- will find you”!

What about GOLD and SILVER? Well, since the time that Markets Manipulation was not at all times high and Privately Held FEDERAL Reserve Bank was not printing money like there is no tomorrow, GOLD/SILVER Rate was at 16/1. Today it’s 80/1. So if GOLD shoots up to the Sky, SILVER will go up to infinity.

There will be major turmoil till the world’s financial System gets back to normality and till these BANKSTERS are prosecuted along with the corrupted politicians-puppets of theirs. Keep your money away from BANKS and buy as many Silver coins as you can.

During the transition phase, make sure you have access to a farm or cultivate your own piece of land. Stay connected to as many people as you can and help each other.

Storm will pass.

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