Dear FOREX Enthusiast,

Your Results with your Trades depend on the information you’ll base your decisions upon. Is it coming right from the mouths of the “Big Sharks” who control Media, Banks and Corrupted Governments, or is it pure Mathematics applied on Price Action?

As they say, ships are not sinking from the water around them, but from the water that gets inside them. Their goal is to fool us little minnows into Buying at the Top, or Selling from the Bottom, in order for them to execute their massive orders to the opposite direction.

If you think they wouldn’t pay an army of “parrots” of all types and sizes, so that they can manipulate the 6 trillion USD/day Market..THINK AGAIN!!!

So Mathematics, Technical Analysis of price action, is our only ally. But is it easy to study and master it?

Technical Analysis is an ocean without beginning and without ending and if you’re about to start studying it, the journey may be many years, if not lifetime long. But you don’t have to go through this.

It took me 16000+ hours of studying the praphs, 6000+ Signals and Studies on Currency Pairs, the writing of 9 books, the hosting of 350+ Group Workshops and 120+ Private Coaching Sessions, to summarize and put together a very Simple yet Robust Methodology which is infallible on the condition you respect Rules and Criteria Religiously.

This is how I created MITOS OF FOREX. MITOS is the Greek word for thread and according to Greek Mythology, it was the thread Ariadne gave to Thiseas and the young Athenians accompanying him, in order to exit safe from Labyrinth.

What is MITOS of FOREX?

MITOS is an eCourse designed to serve two purposes:

  • To offer to the new trader a robust, reliable and easily applicable Trading Methodology based solely on Techical Analysis.
  • To make its study and understanding an easy process.

What is included?

  • 7 eBooks, 45pages on average each, where I’m presenting in plain language, information related to FOREX as a source of income and its position in our overal financial planning, related to picking a Broker and opening an Account, basic elements of Technical Analysis, elements of the Methodology, the three Market’s Conditions and the sets of Rules and Criteria required in order to take and manage trades on each one.
  • 11 VIDEO Tutorials with an average duration of 45 minutes.
  • ATHENA Simulated PRIVATE coaching which consists of 10 VIDEOS of Private Coaching Sessions on my Methodology as a BONUS

What are the Benefits?

  • It contains only the necessary and immediately applicable information.
  • It’s a 7 STEPS Methodology given in plain language.
  • It helps you learn Technical Analysis, fast and easy.
  • You can complete its study in 7-10 days
  • With the knowledge you’ll receive, you will not panic or paralyze in front of your graphs anymore
  • You will decide on your own, according to the types of trades you’ll be picking, how frequently ypu’ll be doubling your equity.
  • You ‘ll be able to fully take advantage of my SIGNALS, putting your trading on Auto-Pilot

What will you learn?

Once you study MITOS’s material:

  • You will not be confused and frustrated in front of METATRADER graphs
  • You’ll know how to pick a pair and how many pairs to trade
  • You’ll know what size of position to open and when to add positions
  • You’ll know what Time-Frame to Enter from and what Rules and Criteria should be met before you enter
  • You’ll know what Trading System to use
  • You’ll know where to place your Entry and Stop-Loss Orders.
  • You’ll know how much time to dedicate monitoring the trade

How much does it cost?

You pay 999.99eur

What if I need more information?

I’ll be glad to talk to you on Skype. Feel free to schedule an online conference call with me HERE


After you purchase the eCourse, you’ll receive the 7 books, the 11 VIDEO Tutorials and 10 VIDEOS of Private Coaching Sessions.

Due to Program’s Digital format and material’s extensive volume, refund requests will not be accepted. Read our Digital Products’ TERMS OF USE here.

Kind Regards,

Sofia Stavropoulou