GOLD : Market’s Overview, 31/07/15 @20:29 GMT

Market’s Overview :

GOLD : price wants to make a statistical validation move up to 1125.00 level on DAILY Time-Frame before continuing lower. YES, it will go lower. How much? Only FED knows. I guess they’ll push it down to 900.00 before they stop pushing it and start running up the hills. Why are they doing this while it is un-reasonable? Well the keyword here is “GREED”. How powerful would YOU feel if you could push the value of one of earth’s most precious metals against your toilet-paper money? Who cares if all the trillions you profit in the process could feed the starving kids of the world and end diseases forever? All that matters is that you enjoy your bath in Golden Coins you purchased paying with toilet-paper money….because you think you’re smart.

My friends, I wish you enjoy your Weekend.

Kind Regards


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