GBPUSD, 29/06/15 @10:10 GMT

SELL@1.5645 SL@1.5787 TP@1.5566 (down to 1.5484 even to 1.5293) ……or……..

BUY@1.5814 SL@1.5714 TP@1.5978

Monitor the paur from H1 Time-Frame and switch to M15 TF once you are in and price moves strongly to the direction of your Entry. Remember that your first priority is to LOCK your DAILY PIPS TARGET -no more than 20pips ideally) so the faster you LOCK your Daily Pips Target, the happier you’ll be. If the trend is strong and wants to give you more, make sure Median BBand on M15 goes straight to the direction you want and TRAIL your SL so that initially you eliminate risk, bringing it to your Entry Level, next LOCK your Daily PIPS, and then let the Market give you as many more pips as it likes, either leaving your SL there and set a TP or continung to trail your SL milking the trend.

Happy pips!


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