GBPUSD, 25/08/15 @08:21 GMT

BUY@1.5797 SL@1.5729 TP@1.5964 ….OR….

SELL@1.5727 SL@1.5788 TP@1.5648

Monitor the pair from H1 Time-Frame and before you BUY make sure Kijun Sen slopes UP. Before you SELL make sure Tenkan Sen is angled DOWNwards.

Stay in LONG while H1 Candlesticks close above Tenkan Sen. EXIT when a Bearish H1 Candlestick closes below Tenkan Sen.

Stay in SHORT while H1 Candlesticks close below Tenkan Sen. EXIT if a Bullish H1 Candlestick closes above Tenkan Sen.

Avoid SL Trailing unless you are away from your monitor. In that case, trail your SL a few pips below Kijun Sen Plateaus on UPtrend, or a few pips above Kijun Sen Plateaus on DOWNtrend.

Happy pips!


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