Signals & Training

What is the new FXholic GOLDEN?

If you have been a User of my APP, then you know that the success rate of my SIGNALS is incredible but many of my APP’s Users can’t fully benefit from them, due to lack of Technical Analysis knowledge or lack of time to properly educate themselves.

FXholic GOLDEN addresses that issue. Along with my Signals, you get access to Training Material given in a manner that won’t take you more than 5 Days to familiarize yourself with my System.

This way, we’ll be speaking the same language and you’ll understand my Signals easily.

What are the BENEFITS

  • You get Signals in the form of brief VIDEOS with detailed instructions. Each Signal has a code name and through the MOB APP, you receive Push Notification when a specific Signal -with reference to its code name- is about to be triggered because Entry Criteria are met.
  • You trade your own Account.
  • You earn nice returns.
  • You save time avoiding a long and tedious search of knowledge.
  • You gain confidence while honing your trading skills.
  • You pay flat monthly subscription for both Signals and Basic Education.
  • You can seek further Education -through my work or elsewhere- without burning your hard earned money while experimenting with a Live Account.

What is included?

  • Access to 12-20 Signals per week.
  • Access to FXholic GOLDEN Training Material in English

What is the Success Rate?

Success Rate is higher than 90% and the reason it’s not at the absolute 100% is that there are cases when I give Criteria for a BUY and a SELL is triggered. Quite often though, I give full sets of ENTRY, SL/TP Placement and Trade Management Criteria for BOTH BUY and SELL Scenarios.

SIGNALS’ Performance Reports will be posted here:

How many pips per Signal?

You can expect 80-250 pips profits per Trade Setup depending on your ability to go after all Take-Profit Targets I may be giving, Exiting when one TP is hit and re-Entering going for the next one.

In the example below, of the EURAUD Signal I gave on 11th of February 2019, first TP was hit giving 120pips and with smart Trade Management, you could RE-ENTER and go for the second TP collecting a Sum Total of approximately 259pips.

How much does it cost?

You pay 99.99eur per month

Is there a FREE Trial?

YES! For a limited period of time, there is a 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL 🙂

How do I access Signals after I Subscribe?

You’ll be redirected to a web page where you’ll fill a Form in order to receive your PERSONAL LOGIN CREDENTIALS and a PDF Copy of a book of mine as a “Thank You” gift.