A Market’s Tourist or …a Real Trader?

sofia_fxholicHello my friend!

Sofia Stavropoulou here 🙂

A gift has value when it is something you’d like to have yourself.

You have visited FXholic.com and possibly have already expressed your interest in FXholic Golden interactive Training Program by Signing Up on site’s HOMEPAGE. You got a little taste of my work by now receiving a Surprise-Gift with a Powerful Trading System and tenths of EXERCISES on it as well, a System I wish someone had offered to me when I was starting with FOREX years ago.

If I had this “gift” in my hands back in 2004, I wouldn’t have to go through all the unpleasant adventures with FOREX, losing money and quitting for months, trying to crack the code and returning to the Markets later only to lose another big amount of my hard earned money.

I admit it! I was a Market’s Tourist.

I was amazed from everything at any moment jumping from pair to pair and switching from one Time-Frame to the other not knowing what to look for and why. Isn’t that what Tourists do?

But even if I had the gift, I don’t know if that would be enough on its own to turn my un-disciplined character as a trader into a disciplined one. Knowledge is one thing, experience is another.

So if you’re serious about learning how to trade FOREX, you need a Mentor.
You need someone who will hold your hand and show you the way to apply knowledge.
I can be your Mentor, through my FXHOLIC GOLDEN Program. Successful Trading is not just a matter of knowledge. It’s also a matter of skillful art and personal philosophy.

Join FXholic GOLDEN!

On the LIVE Workshops, my FXHOLICS learn that turning their $1000 into $1MILLION is only a process of 10 STEPS, doubling their equity on each one.

They learn that these 10 Doublings are the result of a Trading Plan and the DAILY ROUTINE of going for a handful of pips.

-Do you know what’s their biggest reward at the end of the process?

-No! It’s not the $1MILLION. It’s the DEEP CERTAINTY, the AWARENESS, the steel CONFIDENCE, that now they can DOUBLE any amount of money any time they want to. And that’s the definition of freedom.

My FXHOLICS, learn to earn and earn as they’re learning. No gambling, no dramas, no jeopardizing family’s money, savings or money they can’t afford to lose. And what’s more important, is that even if they start with $100 they can go MICRO-TRADING for the first 4 Doublings and that’s NOT a Handicap, that’s an Advantage of EXTRA Training.

FXholic GOLDEN will change your life!

The Power of FXHOLIC GOLDEN is in the size of its Groups. We work in Groups of 10 on Skype on separate Classes for EUROPE/US/CANADA and ASIA which makes the Training almost PRIVATE. When the first GROUPS are filled, I’ll have to switch those who will want to join next, to FXHOLIC PLATINUM at 25K EUR/year. The Program will remain the same, but because my time is limited, price will jump up to a PREMIUM.

That’s why I invite you to join FXHOLIC GOLDEN NOW! Be among the lucky few who can have the benefits of the program at 197eur/month :

Join FXholic GOLDEN!
See you inside FXHOLIC GOLDEN!

Sofia Stavropoulou

P.S.: If you are Greek, please contact me via Skype – my Skype ID is dianysma – because joining FXholic GOLDEN is FREE for you 🙂

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