50pips per day….every day?

Hello FOREX Enthusiast 🙂

I developed the VECTORS Method just for this purpose
and months later -after having wandered through
various Trading Styles- I realized that there is ONLY
ONE Trading Style that gives 50pips every day on Auto-Pilot
if followed Religiously.

How do you achieve that?

Using VECTORS Method, Ichimoku, Bollinger Bands,
Fractals and Stochastics, you invest one hour of your
time, to make complete Studies on 4-5 Currency Pairs
with full sets of Entry/Stay In/Exit Criteria for both
BUY and SELL Scenarios.

Then you pick the pair that will give you 50pips
within the day with higher probability than the rest.

Once your Entry Criteria are met, YOU SET IT AND FORGET IT!

I put together the training Material that will help you
reach that level of Technical Analysis Mastery, so you
can take consistently 50pips intraday trades with
excellent results and created a FAST TRACK Training
Program of 7 Sessions within a time span of 7 Weeks.

I’ll be giving you material -in the form of brief VIDEO
Tutorials or PDF Reports- to study before each Session.
During the Session, for one hour I’ll be presenting the
information. For one more, I’ll be answering questions.

After the Session, you’ll be given EXERCISES to do.
I’ll follow up with your replies till no dark point has
been left in your mind.

Program costs 997eur and will launch shortly, accepting
a limited number of new FXHOLICS.

Register your interest by filling the Contact Form writing
“I’m interested in the Fast Track Training Program”

Kind Regards,

Sofia Stavropoulou