EURUSD, 24/06/15 @06:18 GMT

BUY@1.1217 SL@1.1145 TP@1.1283 (up to 1.1452) ….or…..

SELL@1.1139 SL@1.1213 TP@1.0984

Monitor the pair from H1 Time-Frame where Bollinger Bands are forming a BOTTLENECK.

WAIT to see ALL your Entry Criteria met, before you enter. Before you BUY you must see :

1. a bullish candlestick CLOSING above Upper Bollinger Band or a Bullish Breakout Candlestick crossing above Upper Bollinger Band while

2. Median Bollinger Band has formed a KNEE going UP,

3. Tenkan Sen goes UP,

4. Chikou Span has crossed above past price action going UP,

5. Stochastics go UP and

6. Upper/Lower BBands edges are turned outwards forming a FUNNEL.

The same Criteria, reversed must apply before you SELL.

If one Criterion is missing STAY OUT and WAIT.

Once you are in you may use the Price’s relationship with Tenkan Sen (ICHIMOKU Red Line) as your STAY IN/EXIT Criterion which means if price goes UP, you STAY IN while candlesticks close above TENKAN SEN, you EXIT if one candlestick closes below TENKAN SEN.

Happy pips!


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