EURUSD, 22/06/15 @05:37 GMT

WAIT for a downward correction on H1 TF and BUY after price touches Median Bollinger Band and reverses going UP.

BUY@1.1374 SL@1.1337 TP@1.1500 (up to 1.1585)

Monitor the pair from H1 TF and WAIT PATIENTLY for a correction to happen. Don’t worry if price moves up for a while. A correction will follow and that’s why Tenkan Sen on H4 TF is not angled/curved Upwards yet.

After price touches or crosses below Median Bollinger Band on H1 TF, WAIT for it to resume its Uptrend and when you see a Bullish Candlestick closing above Tenkan Sen with Tenkan Sen going UP, Median BBand going UP, Stochastics going UP and Chikou Span having crossed above past price action going UP, BUY.

Place your SL a few pips below the Down Fractal which will have been formed below Median Bollinger Band by then and trail it 5pips below each next Down Fractal below Median Bollinger Band as Median BBand keeps going up, till your TP is hit.

Happy pips!


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