FOREX Consulting

What is FOREX Consulting?

It is a Service where I’m guiding you to Trade via SIGNALS you access inside my MOB APP, text messaging (VIBER) and emails. My support and guidance is offered :

  • before you take any trade, with my Signals
  • before you Enter a Trade, via texting or email
  • after you take a trade, in case you need help with its management, via texting or email

What are the BENEFITS?

  • You trade your own Account.
  • You pick the pair you want to trade either from my Signals or any other you prefer.
  • You earn great returns.
  • You keep all your profits.
  • You gain confidence while honing your trading skills.
  • You pay flat monthly fees for as long as you need the Service.


  • Your Account’s Capital should be >50K eur or usd
  • You’ll be supported for a maximum of 6 trades per month.

How much does it cost?

497eur per 50K eur or usd of capital, monthly

What returns should be expected?

On the condition you follow my instructions, you should expect a minimum of 10% monthly returns.


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