USDJPY, 12/06/15 @17:19 GMT

SELL@123.31 SL@123.97 TP@122.46 (down to 120.34)

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame and WAIT till you see Tenkan Sen going DOWN before you SELL.

Happy pips!


USDJPY, 08/06/15 @13:13 GMT

SELL@125.00 SL@125.59 TP@124.24 (down to 123.86)

Monitor the pair from H1 Time-Frame. Trail your SL 20pips Above Kijun Sen (ICHIMOKU Blue Line) or 5pips above the latest valid UP Fractal above Median BBand.

Happy pips!


USDJPY, 04/06/15 @19:04 GMT

SELL@123.81 SL@124.71 TP@122.02 ….OR…..

BUY@124.97 SL@124.14 TP@127.26

Monitor the Pair from H4 Time-Frame and before you Enter, make sure ALL your Entry Criteria are met.

If you SELL you must see :

1. A bearish candlestick closing below Lower Bollinger Band.

2. Tenkan Sen going Down.

3. Median Bollinger Band going Down.

4. Stochastics going Down.

5. Chikou Span having crossed below Past Price Action going Down

6. Upper and Lower Bollinger Bands’ Edges turned outwards forming a BELL.

You must see the EXACT OPPOSITE Criteria met in order to BUY.

Happy pips!

Sofia Stavropoulou