EURJPY, 30/06/15 @05:56 GMT

SELL@136.87 SL@138.12 TP@133.85

The Entry/SL/TP I gave above are in case you can take the risk entering from H4 Time-Frame. In case you can’t, go down to H1, M30 or even M15 looking for a nice SHORT ENTRY from there with all 6 Entry Criteria met. Instead of going for 300pips, focus on your Daily Pips Target which shouldn’t be more than 20 and try to lock 40pips+ AS FAST AS POSSIBLE instead of burning your stomach in front of your monitor waiting for the price to hit the Upper Border of the KUMO on Daily.

If you enter from any smaller TF than H4, use the following Trade Management rules :

1. STAY IN while candlesticks Close below Tenkan Sen. EXIT when one Bullish Candlestick closes above Tenkan Sen.

2. TRAIL your SL a few pips above each Plateau KIJUN SEN (ICHIMOKU Blue Line) makes, therefore moving it down STEP BY STEP going down the Kijun Sen STAIRS.

Happy pips!


EURJPY, 25/06/15 @13:18 GMT

SELL@138.28 SL@139. 05 TP@137.14 (down to 135.13 even to 133.85)

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame and WAIT for a proper UP Correction to the Median Bollinger Band to finish before you Enter. SELL only if you see a Bearish Candlestick closing below Tenkan Sen with Tenkan Sen going DOWN.

Happy pips!


EURJPY, 17/06/15 @12:37 GMT

BUY@139.70 SL@138.87 TP@140.90 (up to 141.96)

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame. If your RISK Management rules do not allow you to take a RISK of 100pips, WAIT for a valid Correction on M30 TF (bearish Price/Tenkan Sen cross) and BUY from there if all LONG ENTRY Criteria are met, placing your SL a few pips below Kijun Sen and Trailing it from there.

Alternatively, you can monitor the pair from H1 TF and EXIT when Stochastics make a Bearish Crossover above 80-Level Line.

If you monitor the trade from H4 TF, trail your SL 20+pips below Kijun Sen and STAY IN while candlesticks close above Tenkan Sen. EXIT when a candlestick closes below Tenkan Sen.

Happy pips!


EURJPY, 09/06/15 @18:26 GMT

BUY@140.49 SL@139.88 TP@140.95 (up to 146.42)

Monitor the pair from H1 Time-Frame and trail your SL 15pips below Kijun Sen. When Median Bollinger Band starts going straight UP, trail your SL 5pips below each new valid Down Fractal below the Median Bollinger Band.

Happy pips!


EURJPY, 03/06/15 @12:05 GMT

BUY@138.60 SL@138.10 TP@141.31 …..OR…..

SELL@138.10 SL@138.60 TP@137.53

Monitor the Pair from H1 Time-Frame where we see a very narrow BOTTLENECK formed by the Bollinger Bands after the Consolidation of the price for a while. We expect a Breakout which will make the edges of the Upper and Lower BBands turned outwards forming a FUNNEL.

BUY only if you see a strong bullish candlestick CLOSING above the Upper BBand, with Median BBand and Tenkan Sen going UP, Chikou Span going UP above past price action, Stochastics going UP and if you see a FUNNEL.

SELL if you see a strong Bearish Candlestick CLOSING below Lower BBand, Tenkan Sen and Median BBand going Down, Chikou Span having crossed below past price action going Down, Stochastics going Down and if you also see a FUNNEL.

Happy pips!

Sofia Stavropoulou