EURJPY, 21/10/15 @08:17 GMT | CHART Signal


BUY@136.38 SL@135.60 TP@137.70 <-- Price levels are INDICATIVE! FOLLOW THE CRITERIA!

Monitor the pair from H4 Time-Frame.

Because the UPward Move is the result of MANIPULATION, make sure that CHIKOU SPAN (ICHIMOKU Green Line) crosses ABOVE past price action before you BUY. If that doesn’t happen, STAY OUT and WAIT!

If you enter Long, (BUY), STAY IN while H4 Candlesticks close above Tenkan Sen (ICHIMOKU Red Line). EXIT when a Bearish H4 Candlestick closes below Tenkan Sen.

TRAIL your SL 15-20pips below each new Kijun Sen (ICHIMOKU Blue Line) Plateau (flat level/stair).

Happy pips!


EURUSD, 30/07/15 @08:00 GMT



EURUSD, 30/07/15, 08:00 GMT, H4 Time-Frame : if you can take the risk of placing your SL 85-90pips above your Entry, enter Short (SELL) now at 1.0964 placing your SL at 1.1052 where Median BBand on H4 Time-Frame is and your Take-Profit Target at 1.0832 just above the Lower BBand on DAILY Time-Frame. I will not give you SL Trailing instructions because I have the suspicion “someone” who is afraid of seeing his Bubble of Trillions bursting on his face, will try to stop this Train with his bare hands 🙂 I will only give you two pieces of advice : 1) till your trade is very well into Profits Zone, be flexible with your SL because there may be some dangerous spikes due to “someone” ’s effort well …to keep the train from falling. 2) be extremely patient and see this Trade from a Long Term perspective. When Tenkan Sen crosses BELOW Kijun Sen on Weekly TF, you may write a check to yourself for about 3000pips or more. So try to secure you’re in the trade till the Cross happens 🙂 From that point on you’ll be adding lots gradually switching your Focus from H4 to Daily and then to Weekly.