ENTER NOW and BUY the GBPUSD | 04th of December 2019 @08:20 GMT

(initial study made on 31/10/19 and given on 11/11/19)

GBPUSD : BUY on Wednesday, 04/12/19 @08:20 GMT

BUY (close to 1.3032) at Market Execution price level
(STOP-LOSS) SL@1.2755 — Entry Risk 277pips
(TAKE PROFIT TARGET ) TP1@1.3198 — 166pips move
(TAKE PROFIT TARGET ) TP2@1.3408 — extra 210pips move
(TAKE PROFIT TARGET ) TP3@1.3820 — extra 412pips move

TOTAL : 788pips move

Trade highly suggested to be taken partially in three separate trades.

You’ll receive notifications for each one.

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