AUDUSD, 24/07/15 @11:54 GMT

Monitor the pair from M30 Time-Frame and WAIT for the upward move to finish before you Enter.

When a bearish candlestick CLOSES below Lower BBand, the edges of Upper/Lower BBands are turned outwards forming a FUNNEL and Tenkan Sen goes DOWN, SELL.

SELL@0.7260 SL@0.7313 TP@0.6842

Monitor the pair from M30 Time-Frame, STAY IN while candlesticks close below Tenkan Sen and EXIT when a bullish candlestick closes above Tenkan Sen. Trail your SL a few pips above each new UP Fractal above the Median BBand on M30 TF.


BUY@0.7318 SL@0.7267 TP@0.7365

Happy pips!


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