ATHENA Simulated Private FOREX Coaching

By Sofia Stavropoulou

Tired of losing money in the Markets? Are you stressed and confused about FOREX? Do you think it will take you YEARS to master it?

What if you had opted for my Fast Track Private FX Coaching Program, " 7 Sessions in 7 Weeks?" You would shorten your learning curve and would also have 3 BONUS Practice Sessions with me.

Guess what... ATHENA consists of 10 VIDEO Recordings, of Live Private Sessions and you can study them in 10 DAYS. 


The Long and the Short Road.

You can study and learn FOREX on your own and my 200+ YouTube VIDEOS from live Workshops with my FXHOLICS are an excellent option. But it may take you MONTHS.

On the other hand, ATHENA gives you the intensive private coaching on a silver plate to study at your own pace ...within A FEW DAYS.


ATHENA Simulated Private FOREX Coaching, is a 7 STEPS Methodology that contains everything you need to know about earning consistently 800+ pips per month :)

SESSION #1 : Introduction to Technical Analysis [video duration 02:13]

Starting from Candlesticks, Time-Frames and Pips, you'll be introduced to how price action is depicted in Graphs.

SESSION #2 : ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO [video duration01:57]

ICHIMOKU is a KILLER System designed for Trending Markets and you get familiarized with its 5 lines and their magic..

SESSION #3 : Trending Markets [video duration 01:47]

Trend is your Friend and there is no adrenaline rush more addictive than pips-hunting following a trend, on the condition you know how.

SESSION #4 : Breakouts [video duration 01:46]

Some "bottlenecks" and "funnels" can help you earn money, thanks to...Bollinger Bands and their patterns before Breakouts :) 

SESSION #5 : Turning Point [video duration 01:28]

Mastering the Turning Point from Daily TF is about learning to swim with the sharks, chasing the big moves.

SESSION #6 : RANGE [video duration 01:36]

Formidable RANGE is probably the most common pattern we see, using the Bollinger Bands. Learning how to trade it, makes a big difference :)

SESSION #7 : HEDGING [video duration 01:27]

FOREX is a mental game. Learning how to HEDGE gives you peace of mind, but avoid using it because in most cases it complicates your mind :)

SESSION #8 : 1st Practice with Trade Setups [video duration 01:33]

Practice is about sharing my way of thinking with you. Markets will judge you. If you follow the right way of thinking, respect rules and criteria you'll profit. If not, you'll lose money.

SESSION #9 : 2nd Practice Trade Setups with VECTORS' Methodology [video duration 01:41]

Want a Powerful Methodology that gives you certainty - not just probability - trades combining Scalping with Intraday Trading? Learn VECTORS.

SESSION #10 : 3rd Practice Trade Setups [video duration 01:21]

One pair...multiple trade setups. When FOREX is getting real fun!

“Thanks so much for the FX training. I have been listening to all videos over and over again. My confidence has grown and I have started putting into action what you taught me. Results are fantastic!! ”

Olu S. - Private Coaching Student

A FOREX eCourse For All Skill Levels 

All my Private Coaching Students were absolute beginners and after having 10 weekly private Sessions, their metamorphosis was so outstanding they couldn't believe it! Confusion and stress melted away and their trading got revolutionized turning FOREX into the fascinating money-making mental game it truly is. If my System helped them, it can help YOU as well.



An eCourse Based On Facts

When it comes to trading FOREX, for most new traders, it's about trading their "blood money" which is money they can't afford losing. That's why instead of using beautified claims and impressive statements about ATHENA eCourse, I'd rather invite you to install FXholic's FOREX Signals MOB APP to your device and DEMO Trade with my Signals for a while, so you can see and evaluate the results of my System for yourself.

A Word From The Creator

“I love FOREX. It took me years and more than 15000 hours over my charts, to put together a 7 Steps System, based on the three Market's Conditions and four Golden Rules. Sharing it with my Private Coaching Students, revolutionized their trading. Now it's time to share it with the world. ATHENA eCourse will teach a simple, robust and effective methodology to any skillset." 

Sofia Stavropoulou - FOREX Strategist


Why put off taking your trading to the next level? Any kind of Private FOREX Coaching would cost you thousands of eur and would take weeks -if not months- to complete it. You can buy ATHENA Simulated Private FX Coaching -eCourse- right now for only 997eur and you can effectively watch the VIDEOS within 10 Days

Your Progress and Results though, depend solely on YOU! Just as nobody else can do your workouts for you, nobody else can study and practice on your behalf either. This is an Educational Program offering applicable knowledge, but it is totally up to you putting the knowledge into practice, respecting conditions, rules and criteria. 

1997.00€ 997.00 €

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