12-Term Congressman Ron Paul’s Warning to Americans about the Coming Currency Crisis

USD collapse -and probably EUR collapse too as people of EUROPE will stand against the Bankers’ Dictatorship as imposed by their political puppets,- will cause a chaos of uncertainty and panic with people acting almost out of control, feeling desperate and lost.

No matter if you have accumulated wealth or not and no matter if you secured your wealth or not, remember that the only TRUE WEALTH is being carried in your heart because YOU are above Currencies and YOU define Currencies’ value.

As Protagoras, the ancient Greek Philosopher had said, “Man is the Measure of All Things”.

Corrupted Governments will rush to restrict civil liberties and will violate human rights to the ultimate degree, using the crisis as an alibi. They’ll treat people like animals.

But if you always remember that true wealth is in your heart, you’ll see your panicked neighbor and friend as reflection of you. We can break this evil cycle by helping each other by holding hands, by sharing supplies and resources, by supporting each other, by staying united.

Our UNITY is what the enemy is absolutely scared of.

I consider much more important preparation of all, to discuss with the people you know and can reach, make them aware of what is coming and spread the word about UNITY and SOLIDARITY. If each one of us informs two other people, with the power of geometric progression, the message of UNITY and SOLIDARITY will spread like wildfire to billions of people allover earth.

If we stay united, the bad dream will pass and the daemons that caused it will be burnt in their own flames. Being our best selves we’ll shine through!


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