FOREX Trading should be FUN :)

Is FXholic's Buddy an eBook?

No. FXholic’s Buddy is an Interactive Mindmap which carries a lot of information in different formats including text, images, videos and pdf files as well as links to webpages. You can view a DEMO Video of FXholic’s Buddy here.

How soon can I start using FXholic's Buddy?

If you already are familiar with my Books and Signals, and an Active Trader, you may start using FXholic’s Buddy tomorrow.

In any other case, I suggest you use it while studying the eBOOK “HAPPY PIPS” -a comprehensive 700+ pages roadmap to Technical Analysis- that comes with it as a BONUS, with a DEMO Account for a number of at least 100 Trade Setups before you start applying it to your Live Trades. You’ll need this practice, till you get familiar with the steps and the Rules and Criteria presented in the Buddy.