AUDCAD, Monday 16/10/17 @14:44 GMT

SELL@0.9797 SL@0.9887 TP1@0.9707 TP2@0.9539

Entry Time-Frame : M30

ATTENTION : Entry Level is hypothetical. DON’T PLACE PENDING ORDER. Price may trigger your Pending Order with a Spike and then move to the opposite direction hitting your SL!!!! WAIT FOR THE CRITERIA TO BE MET!!!!

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FOREX Signal για το EURUSD, Τετάρτη 15/03/17 @04:28 μμ

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BUY@1.0683 SL@1.0595 TP1@1.0810 TP2@1.0928 ….OR….

SELL@1.0587 SL@1.0679 TP1@1.0490 TP2@1.0404 TP3@1.0357

Time-Frame Εισόδου : H1

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