What is FXholic PLATINUM?

If you have been a User of my APP, then you know that the success rate of my PREMIUM SIGNALS is incredible but many of my APP’s Users can’t fully benefit from them, due to lack of Technical Analysis knowledge or lack of time. FXholic PLATINUM is a FOREX CONSULTING Service where I’m guiding you to Trade via Skype and Mobile Text Messaging. Actually, I’m coaching you to trade your Account, following my Signals.

How much does it cost

You pay 497eur monthly Consulting Fees.

Are there any prerequisites?

Your FX Broker should be an ECN/STP one and should allow hedging.

What returns should be expected?

FX Trading is the definition of risk and any past performance does not guarantee future gains. Keeping that in mind, on the condition that you have the discipline required to follow my instructions, you should expect a monthly return range between 15% and 70%.

Is there any LIMITATION?

YES! I can only take a limited number of new FXHOLICS