FXholic 7 : 7 Sessions in 7 Weeks

What is FXholic 7?

FXholic 7 is a FAST TRACK TRAINING Program in the form of Private Coaching comprised of 7 Weekly Sessions.

Each Session takes place via Skype, lasts 2 hours and is being VIDEO Recorded. Program’s Material is structured in 7 Basic Modules so that a New Trader is able to start Micro-Trading right after its completion.

Below is the List of Sessions’ Thematic Structure :

1. Trading Plan – Vectors
3. Trending Markets
4. Breakouts
5. Turning Point on Daily TF
6. Rangebound Markets
7. VECTORS Methodology
8. Practice #1 (BONUS SESSION)
9. Practice #2 (BONUS SESSION)
10. Practice #3 (BONUS SESSION)

A Special Online Dashboard is created where the VIDEO Recordings along with a wealth of training material can be accessed and Downloaded

How are the Sessions Scheduled?

Sessions are scheduled on convenient days and hours for both via direct communication.

Ideally there should be a time-span of one week between Sessions, but each FXHOLIC can choose their own pace of progressing with their Training.

How much does it cost?

Fill in the Form on Contact Page to learn more about Program’s Cost.